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FLASH-X-011 | Florian Meindl - No Way Back EP - Releasedate: 16. October 2019


In music there are those moments, when you hear something inspiring and new - there is no way back. 


This record reflects some tracks which are currently performed by Florian Meindl in his full hardware liveact consisting of a modular synth, 303 and sampler.


As a bonus there is "One Step Ahead" on the record, which was previously released digital and found its way into many DJ sets on festivals last summer.




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FLASH-X-012 | Florian Meindl - Nonlinear Times Remixes (Black Asteroid, Jeroes Search) - Releasedate: Nov 2019


In order to see someone elses perspective on his latest album "Nonlinear Times", Florian commited two of his favorite Techno producers and gave them total freedom on what they would do with the tracks. 


Iconic Industrial Techno producer Black Asteroid, who is one half of the critically acclaimed MOTOR on Chris Liebings CLR Recordings and well known for his releases on Electric Deluxe, delivered a trend setting remix of "I Know The Kick" with Electro influenced industrial beats and electric guitar injections. Bryan Black aka Black Asteroid definitely knows the kick!




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FLASH-X-007 | Florian Meindl - Nonlinear Times (2x12" Album) - Releasedate: 22. February 2019


We were always living in nonlinear times, but a significant cycle is coming to an end so we are noticing a growing number of severe changes and happenings caused by the nonlinear nature of things. For human beings it's difficult to imagine exponential growth despite it surrounding us in almost every aspects of life. In music one can find such nonlinear increases or logarithmical declines in the core of sound creation itself, namely in envelopes controlling levels, texture and frequencies. But also in real life in the rise and fall of popularity, in viral news or in the development of music technology. Utilising his sound pallet comprised of modular synthesis and electronic instrumentation, Florian Meindl highlights these resonances of thought and exploration with a sonic statement of his current vision around electronic music in the form of his 4th artist album.



Tracklist //


01 Forbidden Planets

02 Nonlinear Times

03 Strange City

04 Industry 2.0

05 Basic Mechanics

06 I Know The Kick

07 Dimension Slip

08 Opposite Dream

09 Dive Down

10 Surrealist


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FLASH-X-009 | Black Lotus - Resilience EP (Incl. Florian Meindl Remix)


Born in the city of madness Berlin, the multimedia artist and DJ Black Lotus steps up from being a secret hint for extatic and rough DJ sets in the local scene and enters the world of recorded music. After playing many Berlin underground clubs like Griessmühle, KitKat or Suicide Circus she finally makes her debut release on FLASH Recordings with three tripping, parahypnotic and clearly floor oriented Techno tracks as well as a hard hitting remix by the label-head Florian Meindl.




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FLASH-X-006 | Florian Meindl - Free Fall EP


The free fall, to dive head first into something, is scary for most people. For some it is the most exciting thing however and the only possible path anyways. Florian is one of those driven artists who never sounds the same, his signature tone is the free fall into new soundscapes, new ways of using his analog electronic instruments and carving out the essence for the dancing individual.



FLASH-X-005 | Florian Meindl - Metaphysics EP (Incl. Denise Rabe Rmx)


The X Vinyl Series continues with label head Florian Meindl at the helm with the upcoming release Metaphysics. Synonymous with deep. dark techno. Florian does not disappoint with this 4 track EP. enlisting in demand producer and Rabe label boss Denise Rabe on remixing duties. Playing live with his Modular Synth set up. Florian began working on the concept for what would become these three original tracks while playing shows over the last month. The live jam character can clearly be felt in the first two tracks Metaphysics and Holomorphic Function. Florian s original Bell s Theorem has a deep melodic structure. With Denise Rabes interpretation. the track is contorted through some serious distortion pedals and broken beat to match her dark take on the synth line. The outcome is an impressive piece for one of those never ending nights in concrete walled rooms with oversized loudspeakers.



Played by:

Paula Temple, Truncate, Speedy J, Phase, Sigha, Amotik, Slam, Rebekha, A. Mochi, Etapp Kyle, Amelie Lens, DVS1, Shlomi Aber, Alexander Kowalski, Jamie Anderson, Charlotte De Witte, Pacou, Opuswerk, Kyle Geiger, Yotam Avni, Isolated Lines, Z.I.P.P.O., Henning Bear, Mörbeck, Sawlin, Distant Echoes, Takaaki Itoh,

FLASH-X-004 | Florian Meindl - Time Illusion Remixes (Lucy, Sigha, TWR72)


Florian Meindl's third artist album "Time Illusion" marked another big milestone in his career. After several live act shows, where he showcased his flair for live performance with some heavy equipment including his Eurorack ModularSystem, he has picked 3 artists who he admires for their own unique take on techno music to remix the album. His choice fell on LUCY, who is responsible for the curation of the highly respected Stroboscopic Artefacts imprint, on SIGHA who is known and respected for his modular system performances and production techniques on labels like Token or Blueprint. The third choice fell on up and coming Netherlands based producer and DJ duo TWR72 who continually put out fresh and game-changing releases on their label FLOAT Rec. The LUCY remix spans on a whole A side with 45 rotations per minute and opens a window in a yet unknown dimension of expanding effect drones which takes the listener on an extraordinary trip of its own. He took the opportunity and wove the breakbeat from the original composition into a straight-clocked rhythm while giving the harmonic content a new unheard surreal depth. This track has got the potential to suck the dancers minds into a strange journey and yet keep them on the tidy rhythm. SIGHA's interpretation of "Frame Of Mind" manages to be heavy and soft at the same time with industrial noise movements and mystic synth sequences emerging and disappearing. The beauty in this masterpiece lies in the balance between the sweet harmonic content and the pounding beat construction, which keeps moving and modulating until the very end. TWR72 delivered a perfectly working and grooving DJ weapon, which is highly playable in all sorts of situations. They perfectly managed to incorporate the key elements from the original into their very own signature sound. The eclectic alternation between a suspense-packed part and a pure forward going beat section makes this tune outstanding and joyful to put on the turntable again and again.



Played by:

Surgeon, Luke Slater, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan, Norman Nodge, Slam, Keith Carnal, DVS1, Jeroen Search, DJ Rolando, Paul Ritch, Kwartz, Dustin Zahn, Joel Mull, Shlomo, P.E.A.R.L., Jonas Kopp, Pfirter, Mark Broom, Jeff Rushin, Amotik, Psyk, Francois X, Cassegrain, Denise Rabe, Etapp Kyle, Angel Molina, Tommy Four Seven, Jon Hester

FLASH-X-002 | Florian Meindl - Time Illusion LP


With Florian's third artist album he has created a special collection of analogue focused tracks which will be released on a double vinyl album and digitally in the Spring 2017. Amalgamating his array of impressive hardware, he has refined his sound and crafted a selection of tracks that demonstrate intricate knowledge and mastery of his analogue equipment. His aim was to find the right balance between musical depth and sound design while interacting with the hardware. In anticipation for the LP release in early April, Florian has prepared a unique live set featuring a Modular System, the KORG Minilogue, effect boxes and a 909 drum machine which were used in the creation of the album and which he will be touring throughout 2017. |

FLASH-X-001 | Florian Meindl - Colorful Cage EP


Florian Meindl kick starts 2017 with a four-track vinyl only release ‘Colorful Cage’. Released on his own imprint FLASH Recordings, the title track is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Time Illusion’.



FLASH202 | Various Artists - FLASH Back 9 EP


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FLASH 139 | Florian Meindl - Harmonographic EP

FLASH 139 | Florian Meindl - Harmonographic EP


Florian Meindl returns to his imprint FLASH Recordings in LP format once again with "Collide". A collision of analog sounds and styles, Collide takes the listener on dark techno journey including collaboration with studio wizard Jamie Anderson from the UK.

FLASH 105 | Florian Meindl - Routing EP

FLASH 095 | Florian Meindl - Lost Acid Tapes EP

FLASH 094 | Florian Meindl - Lost Drum Tapes EP

Hell Yeah Rec | Florian Meindl & Enzo Elia - Jealousy EP


This Vinyl record on Hell Yeah Rec. in Florian's first collaboration with Enzo Elia and Bobby Blue - a merge between House and 70ies Rock and Jazz a la Pink Floyd, The Doors and a bit of Depeche Mode.